Residential Service Overview

Hartel’s Disposal provides weekly trash pickup for our residential customers. Roll carts ranging in size from 32 to 96 gallons are provided free of charge. We also provide our residential customers FREE No-Sort recycling, using 64 or 96 gallon carts!!! CLICK HERE for information on what can and cannot go into your trash.

Right Size Your Cart!
Extra bagged trash on top or alongside the cart is subject to a Reload Fee. Reload Fees vary based off of the number and size of the extra bags.
For a quote on extra trash, please contact our office:
M-F 8am-4:30pm 218-729-5446

Cart Placement Instructions:

Place one cart on each side of your driveway or at least 5 feet apart.
Place both carts out by 5:30 A.M. or the night before your pickup day
Place away from parked cars, trees, fences, mailboxes and other obstructions
Place with handles and wheels facing away from driving lane
Place cart within 3 feet of driving lane
Lid of cart should be closed if possible
Remove any temporary bungee cords or tie-downs you may have used to secure the lid
Winter Cart Placement