Are mirrors or window glass accepted?
No, these items are not accepted into our program. Additionally, ceramics, dishes and drinking glasses are not accepted. If unbroken, please donate these items or place them in your trash.
Are VCR tapes or CD cases recyclable?
No, this type of plastic is not accepted by any processors to be re-manufactured into a new product. Therefore, we do not accept them for recycling.
Are hard cover books recyclable?
No, they are not, unless the covers have been removed and placed into your trash. Books can also be donated to your local thrift store.
Are cleaned out paint cans recyclable?
They are recyclable, provided that they are clean with no paint residue.
Can children's school papers or artwork be recycled?
Yes, both can be recycled, provided the artwork does not contain paint. If that is the case, please place into your trash.
Can notebooks with spiral bindings be recycled?
Notebooks with plastic or wire bindings are not recyclable unless you remove the binding and place that into your trash. If you do not care to remove the binding, please place the entire notebook into the trash.
Why don't we recycle cat litter pails?
Plastic #1 and #2 are the most marketable types of plastic for re-manufacture into beverage bottles and milk jugs. Cat litter pails are typically made of #5 material and have very limited demand. They are also difficult to grind up into pellets, which is part of the re-manufacture process.
Why don't we recycle pizza boxes?
Corrugated pizza boxes and circles are accepted, provided they are not contaminated with food or oil residue. If they are greasy, cheesy or have uneaten pizza in them, please place in your trash.
Where do I place my cart for pickup?
Place your recycling cart in the same location as the trash cart for pickup. Both carts should be out by 5:30 a.m. or the night before pickup day. To facilitate pickup, please place one cart on each side of the driveway or at least 5 feet apart.
Can we recycle hangers?
We do not accept plastic, wire or wood hangers. Most dry cleaners accept wire hangers. You can donate plastic and wood hangers to your local thrift store.
Can I place batteries in my recycling?
We do not accept batteries of any kind for recycling. Regular alkaline batteries are accepted at Batteries Plus, or can be placed in your trash. Rechargeable and button batteries are also accepted at Batteries Plus, or can be dropped off at WLSSD's Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
Can I place corrugated cardboard in my cart?
Yes, please do place it in your recycle cart. If it is too big to fit, please cut into 2' x 2' pieces, flatten, and place next to your cart.
Can I use a bag to put my shredded paper in?
Yes, however, we would prefer you bag your shredded paper in a PAPER bag to keep it contained and less messy when we dump your recycle cart.
If something has a recycle symbol and # that we allow, why won't we recycle the item?
Not all items that contain the recycle symbol or number are recyclable. The items accepted for recycling vary widely across the country. It is all a matter of economics and finding a re-manufacturer that can make something out of the original product.
Do you recycle window envelopes?
Yes, this item is accepted as the amount of film involved is minimal and works in the paper manufacturing process.
Do you recycle newspaper inserts?
Yes, newspaper inserts as well as magazines or any glossy type paper is accepted into our program.
Do I need to remove labels from cans?
While it helps in the re-manufacturing process, it is not necessary to remove labels, however, you can if you wish. Please do rinse them clean!
Are paper egg cartons recyclable?
Yes, the paper cartons are accepted. Foam cartons should be placed in your trash.
By what time should I have my cart out?
To ensure pickup, please place both your recycle and trash cart out by 5:30 a.m. or the night before your pickup day.
How do I know what week my recycling gets picked up on?
Visit the "Check Pickup Schedule" page under the "Recycling" tab on our website or call our office at 218-729-5446.
Why don't you accept plastic bags?
The plastics suppliers we work with do not accept plastic bags from us. They consider them a “contaminant” requiring us to remove them at our sorting facility costing time and money. Plastic bags can be dropped off at most local supermarkets for recycling.
Should I remove the plastic caps from plastic bottles or are they recyclable too?
We do not require you to remove plastic caps from the bottles you place in your recycling, however, they are not currently recycled by the processor we ship our plastic to. If it is not a big burden to you, we would prefer you toss caps into your trash, but this is not a requirement for us to accept your product.
Should paper milk/juice cartons be put in the trash or are they recyclable as paper?
Paper milk and juice cartons are not recyclable due to the wax coating on the cartons. Please dispose of them in your trash.
Can we recycle Styrofoam?
Styrofoam is not currently accepted by any of the suppliers we work with. Please dispose of it in your trash.